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Body Trust® Coaching

What is Body Trust®?

Body Trust® is not another “program” to follow in order to make your body smaller. It is a radical counter cultural lens, created by The Center for Body Trust, in which to view and explore your relationship with your body and food. It asks you to critically examine the ways that the dominate culture has impacted how you think and feel about your body. The process towards trusting and accepting your body for exactly how it is and honoring its inevitable changes as you age and grow is ripe with unlearning, reckoning, and grief. One of the many goals in adopting a Body Trust framework is to find peace, care and acceptance for your body in a world that often fights against this birthright. Please visit Center for Body Trust to learn more. If you are ready to stop the fight and turn towards your wise body with kindness and curiosity, my Body Trust coaching sessions as a Certified Body Trust Provider, may be the right fit for you!

What is Coaching?

There is a difference between Body Trust® coaching and mental health counseling. Coaching may not be the right fit for everyone, that's why I provide a free 20-minute consultation call to assure this is the right fit for you before moving forward. The Body Trust coaching sessions I offer provide education, tools, resources and support to facilitate body acceptance, cultivate self-trust and change. Coaching requires work outside of session and active in session participation. Please note, coaching does not diagnose, treat, or assess for mental health disorders. While I do hold a mental health counseling license, I do not perform counseling in my coaching sessions with clients. We can discuss what this means further in our initial consultation call. Please fill out a contact form today to request a call, I'm ready when you are!

Coaching Fees

Initial Introduction Series*:

$350 for three 50 minute sessions 


Individual Body Trust Coaching Session**:

$125 for one 50 minute session 


*includes a digital workbook

**offered after successful completion of Introduction Series

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