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My Approach

I hold the belief that in order to strengthen our relationships with others, we must first strengthen our relationship with ourselves. I use a Health at Every Size (H.A.E.S®) and trauma informed lens with each client and primarily work from a Narrative Therapy approach. By exploring your life story up until this point as well as examining the messages you tell yourself about yourself, we can begin the work of collectively re-rewriting your personal narratives. I offer individual therapy to both teens and adults and I am LGBTQIA+ & BIPOC affirming and knowledgeable. 


My aim as a mental health counselor is to hold space for you to explore your stories and grow from what you learn during this exploration. I hope to help you obtain your goals by gaining greater insight into your negative self-talk as well as a deeper understanding of its beginnings.


On occasion and with consent, I integrate mindfulness techniques to aid you in becoming more present and promote self-compassion. I also enjoy using creative arts and aspects of play therapy to connect with teen clients. My hope is to help guide you in cultivating a stronger sense of self-worth and self-compassion in order to propel you forward and establish lasting change.

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