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Body Image & Eating Disordes

Whether you have been in recovery from your disordered eating behaviors for years or if you are just now looking for support, I am here for you. Disordered eating shows up in many different ways and the level of severity can vary from person to person. Due to the life threatening nature of this presenting concern, I first assess each client to determine the appropriate level of care. If we determine that you aren’t quite ready for outpatient with me, I will work with you to find the right resources to meet your needs if you so desire. 


If we do find ourselves working together, I hope to work with you to shift your relationship with food, exercise and your body. I work from a Health At Every Size (H.A.E.S®) perspective which means I believe all bodies are good bodies and do not promote intentional weight loss. I do like to promote intuitive eating and take a Narrative Therapy approach to help you rewrite your story and edit your internal narratives. We will focus on empowering you to take back control from your disordered eating behaviors or fraught relationship with food and reclaim your life.

I also want to acknowledge that body image concerns and eating disorders are not always mutually exclusive and individuals can struggle with one and not the other. I am always ready and willing to meet client's wherever they are at.

Body Image & Eating Concerns
Teen Therapy
Teen Therapy 

Being a teenager can be hard. I believe this to be true because the teenage years are a unique transitional period from childhood to young adulthood that can be filled with feelings of distress and confusion. I use my advanced knowledge in human development and my creative arts background to connect with teens at their level.


I believe relationship building and meeting teen clients where they are at can help promote growth and enhance levels of self-esteem and self-acceptance. I work with teen clients to gain clarity in a supportive environment where they can explore their stories and look towards the future.

Anxiety & Depression
Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are very common yet very real mental health disorders that tend to flair up in times of transition and uncertainty. Often times an element of trauma can be associated with these problems as well. That is precisely why I use a trauma informed lens with every client and stress the notion that you are separate from your problems. We can work collaboratively to externalize your depression and anxiety symptoms with the hopes of changing the way you view yourself in relation to your symptoms. We will collaboratively set therapeutic goals to meet your needs and cultivate the future you desire for yourself. 

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