Current Groups Offered

A Fat Positive Therapy Group:

For Women and Femmes of Size

Fatphobia is SO real and it is important to find a place to process and start to heal from those impacts, ideally amongst a community of other fat people. That is why I offer an eight-week, fat positive, online therapy group for Oregon women and femmes who live in bigger bodies (i.e., plus sized, fat, higher weight, etc.)* looking for support, community and connection.


This 90-minute, once a week group will be held next from April 7th - May 26th.The group will be capped at 10 participants and be held every Thursday afternoon from 12pm - 1:30pm. The group will be online only and is open to those who meet the specific identity requirements and are currently living in Oregon.


If the above dates and time do not work for you, no worries! I plan to hold this group multiple times a year, based on interest, so please apply today to be added to the waitlist for future groups that fit your schedule better.


The group costs $50 a session and group members will be required to attend each week. A $25 early bird discount will be allotted for those who can pay for all eight groups in advance/prior to the start of the first group. 


*In order to assure comfort for group participants, only folks who identify as women or femmes and currently fall somewhere on the fat spectrum may participate in this group. Here is a helpful resource for understanding body size further.